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ghete albe piele ecologica perforate, Long Violent History is an album consisting entirely of instrumental pieces, highlighting his astonishing fiddle skills, except for the closing song, Long Violent History. My dad showed me this song not long after its release, and my family quickly became enthralled with its blunt honesty, beautiful instrumentation, and eye-opening lyrics. This song is Childers’ captivating take on the racial injustice, police brutality, and Black Lives Matter protests, which were heavily significant in the summer of 2020. Childers recalls that as a white boy from Hickman, he’s had his fair share of insults and troubles, but then goes on to write, But it ain’t never once made me scared just to be / Could you imagine just constantly worryin’ / Kickin’ and fightin’ and beggin’ to breathe? Childers draws attention to the severity of the senseless brutality Black people have continuously faced for decades and tries to reach an audience that otherwise may not be completely open to or educated on the seriousness of the matter. With Childers being a white boy from the south in country music, Long Violent History was a very bold move on his part. Racism and discrimination are typically held to be more prevalent in the Southern states, and it is a widely believed stereotype that most country artists are conservative and closed-minded. Long Violent History is a compelling piece that is targeted to open the eyes of the listener and provoke thoughts into action.

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