The Kids Still Need Us, العبايات التركية
العبايات التركية, With advanced photography, you can look at diamonds up-close even online. As an example, this 5 Carat Princess Cut Diamond ring from James Allenmay appear larger than a5 Carat Round Brilliant Diamond ring like this one from James Allen.The size of each stone appears different, even though the carat weights are nearly the same. A larger sized diamond doesn’t mean it has a larger carat weight. The surface area of the table, the depth and other shape features are not impacted by carat weight.Please contact us for return instructions and a free, fully insured return shipping label. Items less than $10,000 include FedEx 2nd Day shipping and items over $10,000 include FedEx Priority Overnight shipping. All FedEx deliveries require a signature upon receipt and are fully insured for the full retail value. Our insurance requires that someone must be at your address to sign for the package on the delivery date designated. If there is any deviation from these delivery guidelines, there is no insurance coverage. Your package will be sealed with clear tape over the top of the box and around the flap closures.

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